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About GNR – GlobalNews-Reporter.com

GNR- GlobalNews-Reporter.com News Portal is developed for the Global Community and is established for the benefit of the “Busy Executives” and Decision-Makers at the Political & Personal level bringing the Latest trends and News updates to All C-Levels, Operational, Essentials, Tourism, Hospitality, MNCs, SMB, Medium Enterprises, Bankers, Financial, Logistics and the Fortune 1000 Companies Globally. 

GNR – GlobalNews-Reporter.com is designed for Short Headlines and a brief copy of the news coverage through numerous news sources owned by their respective journalist and news publishers, with credits we give their newsworthiness exposure through our various network of internet community reach and social media networks, reach,  Namely Linkedin, Facebook, and sharing of the community to effectively bring the latest news headlines to busy executives, corporates and individual entrepreneurs in the global community.

Members of news reporters and correspondents who are registered with GNR – GlobalNews-Reporter.com may need to maintain a presence on social media networking sites: ex. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook..etc .

Many use social media to cover live events, provide additional information for readers and viewers, promote their stations and newscasts, and engage with their audiences, which in turn have additional publicity and extension of their audience reach with NewsReporter. Website.

Some of the GNR – GlobalNews-Reporter (Member journalists), particularly those in large cities or large news organizations, cover a particular topic, such as sports, medicine, pandemic, current affairs and daily affairs, politics in the Asia Pacific and the US. Journalists who work in small cities, towns, or organizations may need to cover a wider range of subjects.and reporters live in other countries and cover international news.—with our other members which particularly works for print news—are self-employed and take freelance assignments from news organizations. Freelance assignments are given to writers on an as-needed basis. Because freelance reporters are paid for the individual story, they work with many organizations and often spend some of their time marketing their stories and looking for their next assignment.

For Editorial / Advertorial : Contact our Marketing Dept.

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