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Watch live at 10pm – CNA

SINGAPORE: Polls in Singapore’s General Election, which were to close at 8pm, have been extended by two hours to 10pm.”While the queue situation across most polling stations has improved, a small number continue to see long queues. This extension in hours will allow enough time for all voters to cast their votes,” said the Elections Department on Friday evening (Jul 10).



A total of 93 seats are being contested in 31 constituencies, including five new ones. The last election in 2015 saw the People’s Action Party win 83 out of 89 seats, and 69.9 per cent of the popular vote.Watch CNA’s live and comprehensive coverage of the results live on TV, its website sgvotes.sg, its app and on YouTube at 10pm. You can also download the CNA app or follow us on Telegram for breaking news out of GE2020. The results special will also be live on MeWatch and on CNA938.Follow our live blog here.


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